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Paranormal Books & Curiosities is a unique experience boutique that carries a wide selection of paranormal books and gifts.
621 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ   |  
HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT NO NOTICE. Saturday & SUnday 12- 6 pm And by Appointment.
(732) 455-3188
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The Paranormal Museum® is now a fully guided experience. Your 60 minutes in The Paranormal Museum will include a docent led tour to provide background and context for our collection.  However, you will not also be able to get a little more up close and personal with many of our artifacts.  We understand that your interest in the paranormal is more than academic.  We, like you, crave experience.  Because of that Kathy Kelly completely re-envisioned the museum to allow for a more “hands on” approach to how our guests can interact with the artifacts we house.

Our Exhibits are permanent, but we do rotate them in and out from time to time, due to the number of artifacts we have.

Famous Haunts of the USA

There are many famously haunted places, but we highlight the most historically charged events in the United States since European involvement on the continent.   These include the Salem Witch Trials, the last American Vampire, Our Haunted President and the largest and longest ghost story in history, the Civil War.

Haunted Objects

These are artifacts that have been donated to The Paranormal Museum® because they have activity reported around them.  Generally, people donate because they are uncomfortable with the item in their home but are afraid to destroy the item.  Some of these items are of great historical value and yet, they have been donated because there is no place else that will protect them and the public from them.

Haunted Dolls

Meet Alice, Tina, Marcel and Kyle. Haunted dolls capture the imagination like no other item.  Is it because they look like us?  Is it because they are the vessels into which so much innocent emotion is poured? Or are they perhaps more inclined for sinister use because of both of these things?  Our dolls have come to use from many different walks.  Some casual and curios and others far darker in nature.  The dolls remain under glass for their protection, however, they are accessible to those most interested in investigating them as part of our tour.


These unusual creatures are seen in every part of the world, from the Jersey Devil to the Loch Ness Monster. Stories and artists renditions as well as actual artifacts from several U.S. Cryptids.  The paranormal is a broad subject that struggles to understand the fringe of our natural world.  Do these creatures walk the earth or are they complete fabrications, misinterpretations or out and out frauds?kets for the Guided Tour

Relics & Remains

Pieces of places and people from around the world.  From Chichen Itza to Poveglia Island off the coast of Venice, we tell you the stories and show you the artifacts.ckets for the Guided Tour

Prison Ghosts

Eastern State Penitentiary, Transallegheny Lunatic Asylum and put your hands through the bars of a prison door that killed 360 men in Ohio in 1930.

Ouija Wall

The only way to get rid of a cursed board is to give it away.  Usually, you have to trick someone to taking it, which makes you complicit.  The Paranormal Museum® accepts Ouija or Spirit  Boards no questions asked.

Ritual & Occult

You may elect to not enter here.  We give you the option, but not everyone should venture into this section of the museum.

Your last 20 minutes will allow you to spend more time, ask questions, review evidence and even investigate should you choose.