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The Jersey Devil & Fable Festival

The Jersey Devil is among the oldest monsters tales told in the United States, yet has only recently become known to the larger population.  The stories predate European exploration and colonization, but the primary origin story is set in 1735.  The jersey Devil, formerly known as the “Leeds Devil” is still seen yearly and tales of his exploits still intrigue and terrify girl scouts and boy scouts and grown-ass people every day.  Why?  for one, the Jersey Devil is pretty creepy looking and for another, he resides in the Pine Barrens.  The Pine Barrens is a vast and largely uncharted forest in the wilds of southern New Jersey.  This is no exit off the TurnPike.  This is 2 million acres of untouched wilderness and 1.1 million acres sit in a reserve to protect it, It is massive.  It is pristine.  It is not your local park.

The Pine Barrens is home to flora and fauna and to people who have lived off-grid since the formation of the nation.  Its isolation is also attractive to ne’erdowells who covet its isolation and privacy.  Anyone who wa=tched the Sopranos knows what I am saying.

The Pine Barrens are mysterious, creepy, scary and yes, real.  Our festival is all about their favorite son but also about the darkness of the forest and how that sits within mankind.  What manner of beasts lurk in the dark and deep forest?

New Jersey has a history of strange and unusual phenomena, including witches, cryptids, UFO and of course, Mr. Leeds.  Welcome to the The Jersey Devil Fable Festival,